List Of Fintech Companies In Malaysia

Ever wondered what FinTech is?

What is Fintech in Malaysia?

Financial technology or also known as fintech is a term that brings out a meaning to incorporate how a current technology is beneficial to financial platforms. It is meant to assist businesses have a better way in organising their financial operations. With the use of software and other computerised system, e-commerce will be conveniently assisted by a technological programme. An example of fintech is equity crowdfunding (ECF) and peer-to-peer or P2P lending. The latter serves as an online platform to link borrowers with lenders as well as to bypass the banks. Although the existence of fintech in Malaysia is still rising to the surface, the industry is growing quite rapidly. It is reported by Bank Negara Malaysia that banking may face a threat in its revenue by 2025 due to the advancement of fintech or innovations since the industry is excluded from banking institutions. In other words, the banks perceive that fintech informally mendles with banks’ businesses. This is why those who are involved in fintech industry would establish their own fintech innovations or even work for any parties who are fintech startups.


Top 10 Fintech Companies in Malaysia


1. Jirnexu

Jirnexu is placed as the first fintech company in Malaysia; pushing down all other companies down as it gains a large number of fundings estimated at USD 27 million. They specialise in coming up with ideas and solutions. They offer XpressApply technology, which is a good deal in marketing, sales, and the delivery of financial businesses

2. Capital Bay

Capital Bay enables enterprises to enhance their working capital and give organisations constant innovation to team up with a more extensive system of money-related foundations to access financing openings. They were among the 5 new businesses chosen for Hong Leong Bank's debut Launchpad programme.

3. Mobi

Mobi is a fintech company that promotes one-stop solutions for online payment industry. They are fast and easy to use. With low transactions costs, the services can be signed up affordably. Their services include EZYWAY, EZYAUTH, EZYMOTO, EZYWIRE, EZYREC and MOBIPASS.

4. HelloGold

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, HelloGold mixes gold exchanging with blockchain innovations. Its application considers customers to purchase and sell physical gold for at least the cost of RM 1. In 2017, HelloGold was one of the 8 startup businesses out 400 new companies crosswise over 44 nations selected under the UOB FinLab fintech accelerator programmes.

5. MoneyMatch

MoneyMatch is one of the 4 fintech organisations affirmed under the Bank Negara Malaysia Sandbox. The company gives shared cash trade or peer to peer currency exchange and cross border settlement which are both verified by e-KYC. Their fundings include Pre Seed from WTF Accelerator (USD 18,000), Seed from Kosciuszko Holdings (USD 150,000) and Pre Series A Funding with an unrevealed amount.

6. MyCash Online

Established in 2016 MyCash is an E-Marketplace for migrants that give opportunity to other migrants to do prepaid payments for their phones, buy transport tickets and make bill installments. MyCash Online won the Best Social Impact Startup at the Malaysian Rice Bowl Awards, giving a great impression for others to see what they have achieved.

7. PrimeKeeper

PrimeKeeper is a fintech startup that offers two main services which are Prime ID and PrimePay. Prime ID is a computerised system that is planned to be utilised for any formal applications that require legal authorisation for loan applications and insurance applications. PrimePay provides CASA to CASA payments to individuals or businesses.

8. Policy Street

Policy Street was founded in 2017 and it offers systemised insurance policies for travel, dental, accidents and more. Policy Street is great in terms of giving a secured and simple platform for different kinds of insurance offerings.

9. pitchIN

pitchIN is registered as one of the 6 crowdfunding platforms that are authorised by the Securities Commission of Malaysia in 2015. They have assisted many local organisations like BabyDash, Wobb,, MyCash Online and more back when they were start-ups. They helped raise funds for the businesses up to USD 2.8 million.

10. MHub

MHub is a real-estate fintech company created for property developers, investors, agents and bankers. It specialises in developing digital showroom, credit check and loan tracking. The company advances itself to enable faster and efficient conversion for clients to experience so it will be a lot more convenient to rely with MHub’s services.

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