Developing new revenue opportunities with Mobi payment gateway
Considering that the world is on a continuous drift, everything has been evolving!
In the post-pandemic world, we have seen some new trends striving to build their space. One such visible trend has been the futuristic journey of the payment system. But these developments aren’t overnight. Covid-19 has been an accelerating factor that magnified the growth of the payment system.


Digitalization has changed the picture of everything one sees and experiences. The inclination of every business and customer towards online payment and payment gateway providers has remodelled the entire transaction mechanism today. Whether Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer, everyone has settled on the comfort of online payment mechanisms.


Today, the payment system functions with partnered platforms to optimise and capitalise payment processing. To be more specific, partnered platforms are none but the payment gateways any business uses to ease a customer’s payment journey. One such phenomenal digital payment provider is Mobi Payment Gateway.


Mobi was built to provide flexibility and ease of work to businesses looking forward to installing changes in their payment operations or fully integrating the digitised mechanism. Mobi has opened the doors for new revenue-generating opportunities in Malaysia. 


If you are a B2B business, such gateways are tremendous opportunities for you to generate revenue while processing payments while bringing utility at the same time. Talking about Mobi, it has enabled small businesses to serve their clients better. The trailblazing payment solutions help create value for businesses of all sizes and make the transaction journey of a customer easier.


Mobi acts as a point of contact between a customer’s payment means like the credit card, debit card, etc., and the merchant’s payment receiving medium. Mobi is available to businesses as a physical point-of-sale device and virtual portals like Mobiversa, Paypal, and many others. Mobi understands the importance of privacy and protects customers’ sensitive information like their credit card numbers, CVV, and other private information. 


Payment gateways help its customers primarily with the following:


Helping the customers understand the pricing models and payment setups on the platform.
Enables easy understanding of the ongoing changes, upgrades, and problems that might pop up repeatedly while processing their payments
Bring acquaintance with the software and hardware business houses that need to cater to transactions, settle funds, and foster communications. 


New Opportunities!


Yes, Mobi, the best online payment processor, is helping generate revenue! 


But How?


With us, you will surely experience a direct hand-off from the hassle of onboarding a new customer. Therefore whenever you experience a new sale occurring on your website, the customer will experience an easy and automatic flow of the payment journey.
Numerous businesses are more into payment processing, giving them more onboarding experience, customer service, or technical support. Therefore, in such scenarios, a payment gateway like ours helps you generate revenue with a broader share of support.
Revenues roar high only when you have driven customer traffic on your website. And this happens only when they are happy with their user experiences. Today’s customer is way more active, aware, and digitised than a decade ago. And so, they have higher expectations of what they are putting their money into.


The payments processing industry is a hard nut to crack!


It takes unmatched time and effort to research, explore and configure the best-suited solution for every diverse customer need. Compelling your clients or end customers to understand the complexities is not a good idea to foster. Instead, provide them with one of the best digital payment providers – Mobi. Businesses that take their time to back their finances with a graded payment gateway provider go far ahead to magnify customer experience.

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Mobi (formerly known as Mobiversa) was established in 2014 to provide new-age, secure, innovative payment gateway solutions in Malaysia for big and small businesses. Having started with an eWallet Payment Gateway, we are now focusing on B2B payments for online transactions.

Our cutting-edge payment solutions create value for businesses of all sizes by providing easy-to-use payment methods to their customers. Also, we are the first Cashless Payment System In Malaysia to introduce next-day settlements.

Having started in Malaysia, we now have our innovation center in India as well. We also have a strategic office in Singapore to fuel our growth in the rest of Southeast Asia’s eCommerce Payment Gateway industry. Currently, we are expanding our services into Indonesia.

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