Mobi A Secured And Reliable Payment Gateway

Is your payment gateway secured? A payment gateway is a secured connection through which customers transact to the merchant’s bank account. Finding a secure and reliable payment gateway is vital when maintaining high-risk transactions like e-commerce and forex trading. 

A secured merchant gateway provider is crucial for any business that wants to process electronic payments. With the rise in online shopping, more and more customers are using credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic payment methods to make online purchases. Hence this means an increased risk of fraud and theft of customers’ payment information. 

What is a secured payment gateway, and do you need it? 

A payment gateway is a medium to process transactions made between buyers and sellers. A payment gateway is like a POS terminal that merchants use for debit and credit cards in brick-and-mortar stores, but a payment gateway is designed for digital transactions. It is responsible for transmitting payment information between all the parties involved in this online transaction, ensuring that the data is secured using technology such as tokenization. SSL, and many more. 

Let’s discuss and find out how an actual payment gateway is utilized in transactions:

  1. Customers order on the merchant’s business website by selecting a preferred payment and adding the required card details on the checkout page. 
  1. A payment gateway then receives the transaction details, encrypts them, and forwards them for authorization to the acquiring bank. 
  1. The acquirer is responsible for sending a request to the card network serving the cardholder. 
  1. The card network then connects with the customer’s bank to verify details and check for enough funds to withdraw. 
  1. The issuer authorizes the transaction and sends a confirmation to the acquiring bank via the payment gateway. 
  1. The payment gateway then confirms with the customer about a successful transaction after the funds are debited from the consumer’s bank and credited to the merchant account. 

A secured payment gateway accompanies every transaction through all the processing steps, ensuring the payment details are protected to reduce the risk of data breaches and fraudulent interventions. 

If you are a business owner planning to adopt a payment gateway, ensure it’s completely safe and secure. Other than security, there are many things to look for while choosing a payment gateway, like multiple currency acceptance and payment methods. It is an indispensable solution for e-commerce businesses, marketplaces, ticket booking platforms, and other online businesses.  

How Is Mobi a reliable and secure merchant gateway provider?

Integrating a payment gateway is vital for taking your business to the next level. Mobi takes security seriously and constantly updates our payment protection systems and technologies. 

Here are a few features of our payment gateway: 

-> Transaction Security: 

Our security system fulfils the strictest compliance requirements for payment processing, with Full audit trails ensuring the platform’s integrity. 

-> Protection: 

Safeguard your business against payment fraud, security breaches, money laundering, and unauthorised activities. 

-> Enhanced Internal Security:

By streamlining your payment processing, we detect intrusions, reconstruct defects, and strengthen your business. 

-> E-commerce API:

Fastest payment processor for e-commerce business websites. Securing more bookings from customers. 

-> Virtual Terminals:

Accept MOTO orders securely.

-> Recurring Billing:

You can set up multiple recurring payment plans for your customers with Mobi. 

-> Cloud Reporting:

Get immediate access to all your data and accounts in the merchant account. 

-> Multicurrency Processing:

Through our multi-currency payment methods, you can generate more sales internationally.

Mobi is an online payment gateway in Malaysia that helps your business protect customers’ payment information by encrypting the data. Let Mobi Payment Gateway manage your payment which can reduce chargebacks and disputes.

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Mobi (formerly known as Mobiversa) was established in 2014 to provide new-age, secure, innovative payment gateway solutions in Malaysia for big and small businesses. Having started with an eWallet Payment Gateway, we are now focusing on B2B payments for online transactions.

Our cutting-edge payment solutions create value for businesses of all sizes by providing easy-to-use payment methods to their customers. Also, we are the first Cashless Payment System In Malaysia to introduce next-day settlements.

Having started in Malaysia, we now have our innovation center in India as well. We also have a strategic office in Singapore to fuel our growth in the rest of Southeast Asia’s eCommerce Payment Gateway industry. Currently, we are expanding our services into Indonesia.

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