EZYWIRE is for

Food and Beverages

Brick and Mortar Businesses

Service Sector

Benefits of using EZYWIRE

Cash is a thing of the past, your customers prefer to pay by card. So let EZYWIRE assist the growth of your business.
Realtime Web Monitoring
You get analytics in real time, so your business decisions are always on point. Tracking your sales has never been this easy.
Cost Effective
We know businesses are difficult, you do not have to dig into your savings to get a payment solution
EZYWIRE meets the international standards of security. Your business stays in safe hands with Mobi.
Next Day Settlement
No need to wait for your hard-earned money, we credit cash in your bank the next day
Minimum Documentation
Merchants can use a business or personal account with a Business Registration

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EZYWIRE is one of the most sought after product in Malaysian market for credit card processing, mobile card payments, and mobile merchant credit card processing. You will find that our app-based product will provide the convenience of use anywhere, whether it's on a business trip or a POS sale that needs to be made.
EZYWIRE allows you to make POS sales for your business and process cards as a wireless credit card terminal. You just need a network to be able to make transactions. EZYWIRE is wonderful for business, both big and small, and is shown to increase sales by 70 percent. Most customers like to pay by card and having a simple mobile merchant processer allows them to do just that whenever they need. If you are a traveling sales person and need to make a sale on the spot, you will be grateful that you have EZYWIRE accessibility to complete the transaction right then and there.
EZYWIRE offers you astonishingly low credit card processing rates on the market. You can use BOOST and GrabPay from your e-wallet and our app will accept Visa, Mastercard, and International credit cards. Your customer just needs to swipe and the transaction will go through our credit card terminal providers. Once passed through the terminals, settlement will be quick. EZYWIRE is convenient, efficient, and cost effective, so you will want to incorporate it into your business model for processing mobile and credit card transactions.

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