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Licensed by Malaysia's Central Bank (Bank Negara Malaysia), Mobi has been processing payment transactions for businesses since 2016, and our payment engine has been PCI DSS Level 1 Certified since the beginning.


Businesses use our
Payment Gateway


Payment Transactions


Businesses use our
Payment Gateway


Payment Transactions

Speedup Cashflow

Cash from Online Travel Agents reaches the bank account 25 days faster

Increased Revenue

Revenue creation even from Guests who do not show up for their booking

Secure Deposits

Deposit collection from guests is electronic, and the release of the deposit is just a click away

Go Global

Payments from guests are a breeze even if they are in another part of the planet

Collect Local

Offer all local payment methods so guests can pay with their preferred payment instrument

All Methods

MOTO, Virtual Credit Cards, Pre-Authorisation, Card Terminals, we have every need covered


EZYMOTO: Take control of Cash Flow

Charge Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) from Online Travel Agents (OTA)

Money goes to a bank account 25 days faster than bank transfers from OTAs


EZYAUTH: Secure Deposits from Guests

Pre-authorize credit or debit cards from guests and release the hold electronically

Avoid the hassle of handling cash or doing bank transfers when guests check-in & check-out


EZYLINK: Collect payments from overseas guests

Sends secure eCommerce link to guests anywhere in the world and collect payments

Never miss a payment from guests who are not available face-face


EZYWAY: Online Payments for eCommerce Website

Quick integration allows guests to pay with their preferred payment method.

Generates higher profit as Mobi offers the lowest Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) in town.


EZYWIRE: Collect payments from guests face-face

Carry the pocket-sized terminal to any location and collect payments when guests check-in

Delight guests by giving the option of using their preferred payment method

  • Easy-to-use software that can scale
    your business
  • Fast approvals and quick to
    get started
  • Cloud-based reports accessible
  • Transparent transaction rates
    with no hidden cost
  • Customer service team that is
    always available
  • Statements available in the portal
    for ready reference

“Being in a property management business, we don't always have the chance accommodate to our clients in terms of effective and safe payment collection. When we discovered Mobi, it was a relief! Our team is now able to generate links for payments and deposit collections almost instantly with only few guest details. Upon completion of transactions, we are notified immediately. This saves a lot of time and hustle for both us and clients.”

Ivan Chong
The mobile application can only support one login session at a time.
Yes. Please indicate designed bank accounts for each of the relevant Merchant IDs
EZYMOTO is MO/TO feature that allows your accommodation or car rental business to initiate a charge on your customer.
Yes, EZYMOTO is designed to charge Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) issued by Online Travel Agents (OTA).
EZYAUTH is a pre-authorization feature, in which you can pre-authorize your customer payment card, holding the funds available
Typically, 28 days for hotel, vacation rental, and car rental merchants. It may vary from bank to bank (card issuer)
Customers get the option to pick their preferred payment methods, such as cards, e-wallets, or FPX.
No. EZYLINK allows charging cards that are 3D-Secure enabled only.
Yes, EZYWAY is the easiest Payment Gateway to set up, it is compatible with major eCommerce builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Word Press, OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop, Site Giant, etc.
Appeal for a lower MDR rate. Once you are an approved merchant we will consider the appeal based on the actual transaction volume.
The device comes with a one-year warranty
Yes, the contactless feature for MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave, and UnionPay QuickPass is enabled.

We Accept all the Major Payment Methods

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