Cashless Payment Processing System in Malaysia | Mobi

We Accept all the Major Payment Methods

Mobi allows transactions through all the major Payment Channels

Why Should you opt for Mobi?

One Day Settlement
Mobi Offers the quickest settlement period in the industry, goodbye cashflow problems!
Customer Protection
Customers of Merchants using Mobi are 100% covered for a worry-free shopping experience.
Quick & Simple Onboarding
Mobi requires minimum documentation. Why go through the hassle? We value your time
Competitive Price
No one provides the features we do, at our price point.
Professional Customer Care
We have the best customer service which is skilled and dedicated and our reviews do not lie.
Dashboard Reports
On top of all this, we provide you data and analytics, so that all of your business decisions are on point.

How have we helped these Businesses grow?

So far in our experience which is over an year, Mobi has proven to be reliable and efficient

Wong Chea Hao , Co-Founder

With Mobi we are very happy with the servcies provided because it is very convenient and many customers find it easy as well

CJ Hah, Founder

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