5 Quick Tips To Improve The Security Of Your Online Business

How To Secure Your Online Business (Point 4 is the key) Nowadays, it’s not as easy to hack something online as it used to be a decade ago. Standard security protocols and development of great firewalls have enabled business to protect privacy of their customers. However, talking about security, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Here, we’ve discussed some areas where you can improve security of your online business.


Research says, on an average, one Malaysian’s email ID is registered to 30 different mediums. If hackers are able to hack it from one channel, user’s security is at risk for other 29 mediums as well. As an online business owner, you need to make sure your business doesn’t become that one medium compromising user’s security. Your employees would be buying lot of raw materials and other things online from different merchants. You need to educate them particularly about phishing scams. A hacker can prepare clone websites looking exactly like your merchant’s site and get all the private information in plain text. While arranging your email on gadgets (i.e., versatile, desktop, scratch pad) make sure to utilize application particular passwords, and not your fundamental secret word. Don’t commit the mistake of using same password at all the places. Make sure to use different password for different channels by slightly or completely altering your password.

Social Media

Nowadays, social media is becoming number one target for hackers. Posting photos while being on trip with friends or family means you are away from your business and house. This is a great sign for dirty-minded to invade your privacy and do whatever they desire. With reference to this, consider setting your profile available only to your friends and not to everyone.


It’s your core responsibility to store user passwords with high level of encryption. Never store passwords as plaintext in your database. Encryption enables you to protect data while it’s moving as well as being stored permanently in database. As an online business, you are not supposed to just encrypt passwords. It’s your responsibility to encrypt any kind of personally identifiable information (PII). It can be passport number, home address etc.

Payment Security

It’s your fundamental responsibility to provide your users with most secure online payment solutions. One small data breach and you may end up causing great revenue loss and bad media press for your business. It’s advised to select right payment gateway provider evaluating lot of deciding factors.

Awareness: Educating staff on security issues

You don’t want your own employees cause security related trouble. Do you? Sometimes employees commit mistakes as silly as leaving their notebook open on their desk. It may involve their system login password along with other sensitive information. Educate your employees about not making these types of mistakes. Set rules for throwing papers into dustbin with sensitive information. Some globally recognized companies have secure dustbins to throw papers with sensitive information. Depending on your budget, you may even consider setting up similar solution or come up with something cost-free. Other than these, it’s a good idea to disable popup in browser as they invite malwares and viruses from internet. From time to time, run security checks on all the systems to figure out any suspicious activities.

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