Accepting Online Payments Made Easier | Introducing Mobi

The best payment gateway in Malaysia offered by Mobi enables businesses to collect from various payment channels without any hassles. Switch to Mobi today.

Are you still finding the best payment gateway in Malaysia or your existing payment gateway doesn't perform well?

Well, we have a solution for all your needs.

Introducing Mobi, the simplest and fastest way to receive online payments.

It’s the new-age, innovative, and Malaysia’s fastest-growing payment gateway that is now being used by thousands of merchants in the region.

Not only does it help in creating a smooth payment system for the acquirer and payer but also enables you to accept through various payment channels as well.

With that being said…let’s let you through all that comes with this best payment gateway in Malaysia.


What Exactly is Mobi?

Mobi (formally Mobiversa) is a Malaysian Fintech Company that was introduced in 2014 to provide a cutting-edge payment gateway solution for Malaysian businesses.

Having started with an mPOS payment solution, we are now focusing on B2B online transactions.

Also, Mobi first introduced next-day settlements in Malaysia which is amazing…isn’t it?

As of today, we are now serving more than thousands of online businesses and eCommerce stores smoothly in Malaysia.

Enough introduction…right!!!

Now coming straight into the most demanded section…features of Mobi.

Being the best payment gateway in Malaysia, we certainly offer some limited and jaw-dropping features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Take a look yourself and decide if it’s worth sticking with your traditional provider or not.


Features of Mobi


Still stuck with your aged payment partner…then certainly, you’re lagging behind in this technology-driven market. 

With Mobi, not only you can offer some of the best features for your customers but can also make your life a little stress free.

You now no longer have to worry about gateway errors and all...give all your valuable time and energy where it’s much needed expanding your business.

We offer a variety of flexible features for every type of B2B business, either small or medium, or large…doesn’t matters.

Here are the major features of Mobi or say it benefits of switching to Mobi.


Free & Fast API Integration

Remembered the last time when you switched your payment gateway, you hired a developer to integrate it on your online platform?

But now, upon switching to Mobi you don’t need to hire those tech guys.

Mobi provides you with a free developer to assist you in API integration worth RM 3000 free.

What else do you want from the best online payment gateway in Malaysia?


Fastest Onboarding

We know how much your time is important and precious, that’s why we always try to save them.

Therefore, Mobi offers you to get started in no time, and the best part is it doesn't require any lengthy paper or hassle.

Our developers can integrate the payment gateway with your website in the minimum possible time.


Smoothest Checkout


A business always needs to provide the best experience to its customers. And they do everything for that.

With Mobi, you will give your customer the best payment experience ever without any doubt.

Our secure payment system accepts every card and never neglects any.


Quickest Settlements

Nobody wants their hard-earned money to reach them late and slow.

Therefore, Mobi provides the fastest settlement feature through which your money will be transferred in less than five days.

Why now wait for your money for so long. Just switch to the best payment gateway in Malaysia, Mobi.


Best Customer Service

We understand how frustrating it can be when you need customer support but it takes a long time.

Taking longer durations just to solve a single query in the payment gateway system in this fast-growing world can badly harm your business reputation.

Nobody wants to wait for nobody, especially when a person spends money.

Therefore, Mobi offers the best and fastest customer service in the online payment gateway industry.


Various Payment option

Mobi provides you with various payment options through which you can easily personalize your customers' checkout experience.

With this, you can access payments across all sales channels.

Moreover, you can also accept money without a website like in-store or in-app, which means Mobi offers a Payment gateway without a website.


Accepts Major Payment Methods

With Mobi, you can allow payment transactions through all major payment channels like Visa, GrabPay, Boost, MasterCard, UnionPay, and many more.

Further adding to that, Mobi is also comfortable with the FPX payment gateway in Malaysia.


Best Pricing

Mobi offers the best price in the market with 1.6 MDR (for both credit and debit cards).

Along with that, you will get zero setup fees, zero annual fees, FPX- 1.0%, Boost- 1%, and GrabPay- 1.2%.

Hence, what else will you get from the best payment gateway in Malaysia?

Mobi has also secured the title of being the cheapest payment gateway in Malaysia.

We offer the best price and the best feature together, and that is why we are said to be the best online payment gateway in Malaysia.


Products of Mobi: Making Life Easier

Mobi offers a variety of products that can suit any online business. Moreover, we are the only and first online payment gateway to offer these products.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from us…

  • EZYLINK- Checkout Pages, send a link to customers, and get paid directly.
  • EZYWAY- Secure Online Payments for your E-Commerce business.
  • EZYSPLIT- First Buy Now, Pay Later for Instalments System.
  • ZYRTEC- Automatic Recurring payments for subscriptions.
  • EZYMOTO- For Hotels to accept OTA payments.
  • EZYWIRE- Helps in Mobile Point of Sale Terminal for face-to-face payments.

That was all for this article.



Choosing the best payment gateway is the most important task for a B2-B business.

A poor payment gateway can harm your profit and brand reputation and sometimes can even lead you to lose customers.

Switch now to Mobi and enjoy the perks of the best payment gateway. Get in touch with us now to start your journey. 

Reach out to our customer executives from here…Contact Mobi

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