Benefits of Having a Card Machine for Small Business

Being a business owner, you must know the benefits of having a card machine for small business as it saves time, money, effort, and more.

A card machine for small business is a way to accept money through credit or debit cards.

Due to the innovations in technology, payment through credit and debit cards has grown significantly.

Many people are shifting towards cashless payment methods, that is, payment through cards.

Moreover, as they know the benefits, most merchants have installed card payment machines.

However, some businesses are still lagging from this as they may not know the perks that come with it.

Therefore, this blog will share some top benefits of having a card machine for small businesses.

But before that, you must know the types of debit or credit card machine for small business.

So, let's get started with it first!

Types of Card Machine for Small Business

There are several types of card machines for small business in Malaysia.

Moreover, every card machine offers unique benefits and features.

So, let's see some common card payment machine for small businesses, and they are:

Mobile Terminal

The mobile terminal payment solution is wireless, reliable, portable, and easy to use.

With the benefits of portability, sleek design, and faster payment, you can move it to any store corner.

Moreover, having a mobile terminal payment solution for small businesses is one of the best decisions you can make.

Integrated POS Terminals

It is a payment solution where you can integrate card machines into a POS (point-of-sale) system.

In short, it is a combination of hardware and software to accept payments through cards.

Moreover, with the benefits of faster checkout and easy accounting, it is one of the best card machines for small businesses.

Virtual Terminals

Virtual terminals payment solutions process the transaction through a secure website.

Moreover, it doesn't require your customer's physical card to process the transaction.

However, virtual payments only process credit card transactions; this is its major downside.

But, as it provides mobility and low commission rates, you can consider it for your business.

Thus, these are some common card payment machines for small businesses in Malaysia.

Now, let's leads to the benefits of having a card machine for small business.

Benefits of Card Machine for Small Business

The time has gone when some particular businesses accept card payments.

Nowadays, most businesses have installed card payment solutions in their store as they know its benefits.

According to data, more than 45 million Malaysians use credit or debit cards.

This Conveys that the trend of making payments through cards has increased in the last few years.

Keeping this in mind, many businesses have leveraged its benefits and made a profit.

So, what are the benefits of card machine for small business?

Let's take a look!

Provide More Security

It offers more security with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and EMV capabilities.

Moreover, both secure technology offers end-to-end data encryption.

That's why card payment machines are a secure option for transactions

However, it's your responsibility to choose the best card machine for a small business that includes these features.

Encourage Spending

Having a card payment machine in your store can make customers spend more.

But how does it happen?

Nowadays, most banks offer credit cards that customers can use to make payments even if they don't have enough funds in their savings.

The psychology behind this is that people tend to buy more if they like some product and have the funds to buy it.

In addition, people also don't think if they need the product or not. It is just about the visual appeal most of the time.

That's why businesses that offer debit or credit card machines for payments, make more profit.

Faster Checkout

A card machine for small businesses saves you and your customers precious time during checkout.

This can happen when you provide an easy payment solution so your customers can make payments in one go.

Let's understand it with a real-life example!

You may have seen people counting cash on the billing counter to make payments for the stuff they buy.

After that, they hand the cash to the merchant and wait for their change.

This takes a lot of time; the worst part is when the merchant goes to another counter to find change.

Suppose that if the customers have paid through a card, it must have taken a few seconds to complete the transaction.

Therefore, having a card machine for small business is essential for faster checkout.

Enhance Customer Experience

Every customer is different and has different needs and different payment methods.

However, the most common payment method is debit or credit cards.

Customers just want to make payments easily and without any hindrance.

Moreover, if they face any hassle or hindrance in making payment, it affects the customer experience.

And it is not necessary to tell you the importance of customer experience for a business.

Therefore, to provide your customers with the best experience, you must get the best card machine for small businesses.

Improve Reputation

As customers use cards for payments, having only a cash payment system can affect your reputation.

Nowadays, customers expect businesses to have the best debit or credit card machine for payments.

And most businesses in Malaysia have one, and even your competitor might have one.

Moreover, having a card payment machine can make your business look professional and increase your reputation.

Thus, these are the top benefits of having a card machine for small businesses.

So, if you are still lacking in leveraging the benefits of card machines for small businesses, install them today.


Being a small business owner, you must know the benefits of having a card machine for small business.

And if you also sell online and want to leverage the benefits of card machines, you should consider the best online payment gateway in Malaysia.

With all the benefits of card machines, it also offers several features.

Such as easy API integration, friendly dashboards, easy and fast checkouts, other payment options, and more.

Therefore, choosing the best payment gateway in Malaysia‎ will be your best bet.

That's all for this blog; I hope you get the complete idea of card machines for small businesses.

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