How Secure is Mobi? Decoding its Security Features

A secure payment gateway focuses on securing the sensitive information given by the user throughout the process. Here, find you what Mobi, the best payment gateway has to offer.

Cyber security is one of the top concerns for all Malaysian businesses that are transitioning online.

Reportedly, around 13,000 cybercrimes were recorded in 2019, again, 17,000 in 2020, and in the last year when the online transaction was at their peak, it was around 20,000, leading to a total loss of around RM 560 million.

Let’s leave alone those undisclosed ones.

Seeing all that, a question might have popped into your mind…Is Mobi a secure payment gateway? What are the security features and how do they protect you?

Pro Tip: Mobi is no doubt the most Secure Payment Gateway ever built thanks to the continuous up-gradation of the system. Switch to Mobi today to ensure higher protection when transitioning online.

Enough said…let’s now dig deep into the security layers of Mobi and see how well it’s equipped to fight suspicious web activities.


What Makes Mobi Secure?

When it comes to online payments, the security of the customer’s data is the top concern for any business.

As customers don’t even think twice before putting in confendicial details when shopping with a trusted partner. That’s why ensuring security falls on the shoulders of the payment gateway and the business.

Though if you’re a business owner, all you need will be a secure payment gateway integrated into your website.

Yup… it’s that easy… however you need to be careful with your choices.

Here are a few things that Mobi offers that make it the securest eCommerce payment gateway.


#1. Data Encryption

Usually when a customer checkout or say does an online transaction. There are considerable amounts of data flows behind the UI.

In addition, these data are also vulnerable to theft if not protected well. That’s when the technology of data encryption comes to the rescue.

Don’t worry…we’ll keep that simple without any lengthy techy jargon.

Basically, what data encryption does is it encode sensitive data by converting it into ciphertext. It is a new generation of text that can only be decrypted by an authorized party.

The algorithms used here prevent any data breaching as well.

Mobi’s online payment gateway not only has strong data encryption but also gets up-gradation at regular intervals.


#2. SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Another Mobi security feature that protects customers’ sensitive information from any data breach.

However, the use of SSL is now common and you can find it on other best payment gateways as well.

In general, SSL ensures the safe flow of private data through public channels. it has a pair of keys to encrypt and decrypt the data known as a public key and a private key.

Moreover, having an online payment gateway installed that uses an SSL layer of security can improve the website authenticity as well.

And as of today, nearly all online stores or businesses use it to authenticate their identity online.

If you’re in Malaysia, choose a payment gateway that prioritizes safety and Mobi is a popular name on this list. It’s verified with all safety regulations and even has an SSL certificate.


#3. PCI DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or simply PCI DSS is a guideline that helps payment gateways in providing a secure checkout option.

Having this compliance ensures data theft protection or fraud by providing secure credit and debit card transactions.

Here is what PCI DSS compliance means:

  • Use of firewalls
  • Ensure data encryption
  • Prohibits the storage of sensitive customer data on computers

However, the merchants don’t have to go through it on their own. It’s on the payment service provider.

And the easiest way to ensure that PCI DSS guidelines are being followed is via choosing the Best Payment Gateway.

At Mobi, we prioritize security that’s what has made us one of the top secure payment gateway service providers in Malaysia. In addition to this, we are also certified with PCI DSS Level 1.


#4. Quick Support

Let’s face it, even with these security features, the risk of online fraud is still there. That’s why it’s important to have a multilevel approach.

Since the security of online transactions is sensitive, the best way to ensure all your transactions are safe is by choosing a secure payment gateway.

At Mobi, we back you whenever you need us. Our customer executives are well equipped and trained to handle all your queries.


Wrapping Up

To sum up, Mobi, being a secure payment gateway comes with different layers of security to protect you from any fraudulent activities.

Our systems are all updated and even in compliance with:

  • PCI Level 1
  • 3D Security
  • Data Encryption
  • Data Protection
  • Quick Support in an Adverse Event

In addition, we also have a team of experienced cybersecurity experts who ensure each and every transaction made through Mobi is safe.

So, if you’re a business owner, regardless of size, having the best payment gateway installed by your side can ensure that the money paid to you safely reaches you.

Delays no more…take your business to new heights without worrying about payment security by signing with Mobi online payment gateway.

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