Top Ways to Accept Payment in Hotels in Malaysia

This blog shares several ways to accept payment in hotels. These ways are commonly used by locals as well as tourists in Malaysia.

The ways to accept payment in hotels refers to how visitors can pay or settle their bills in the hotel.

Moreover, every visitor uses different modes of payment in Malaysia, such as cards, cash, eWallet, and more.

According to data, Malaysia is one of the best places for tourists as it has something to offer to everyone.

Moreover, every tourist has their currency or way of payment in hotels to settle their bills.

Therefore, being the best hotel in Malaysia, it must accept major payment options to help the visitor.

Certainly, if the hotels accept major payment options, they are likely to provide the best customer experience.

In short, settling hotel payments without hassle delivers a better customer experience.

So, you must know the best and most preferable ways to accept payment in hotels in Malaysia, which we'll discuss in this blog.

So, let's get started!!

4 Ways to Accept Payment in Hotels

There are several payment options in Malaysia that people regularly use.

But some of the best and most preferable ways to accept payment in hotels in Malaysia are:

#1. Cash

Cash has always been the best and easy way to make payments anywhere.

However, the cash payment trend is decreasing daily due to technological revolutions.

But many guests, especially the one who stays in hotels for a shorter period, prefer to pay in cash.

This usually happens with local visitors, i.e., Malaysian visitors.

However, tourists usually don't make cash payments as it takes time and effort to exchange their currency.

They use several other payment options like bank cards and online payment methods.

So, if you rely on cash payment only, you must change your strategy of accepting payments in your hotels.

#2. Credit/Debit Cards

Major hotels in Malaysia allow visitors or tourists to pay through credit or debit cards to settle their bills.

This is because credit or debit card payments are safe, trackable, and fast processing.

Data shows more than 40 million cards are available in Malaysia (only Malaysians).

So, you can imagine the possibility of debit or credit card payments in hotels.

That's why many hotels use card machines for small businesses to validate and approve the bill payment.

The card machine usually checks if the card is valid or not and if it has sufficient funds.

And if both the requirements are fulfilled, it processes the payment and settles the bill in a trice of time.

Certainly, having a system to accept card payments in hotels can be beneficial in many ways.

To know more about the benefits of card machines, you can also read Benefits of Having a Card Machine for Small Business.

#3. Company or Personal Cheque

Many visitors use a company or personal cheques to settle their hotel bills.

Moreover, many hotels accept company or personal cheques to accept payment from visitors.

However, settling hotel bills through cheques depends upon the transaction limit accompanied by banks.

In short, every company or personal cheque has a transaction limit, which people can't cross.

But payment through a company or personal cheque to settle hotel bills is safe, easy, and fast.

It helps both visitors and hotels to manage their payment records easily.

That's why it is one of the best ways to accept payment in hotels.

#4. Online Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway is a system to accept payment through many different online payment options.

Many people have shifted towards online payment options, so having an online payment gateway for hotels can be beneficial.

According to data, more than 80% of people in Malaysia use online payment options to settle their bills.

Online payments don't have boundary conditions; this conveys that even tourists can make payments through it.

Moreover, most tourists prefer the online payment option as it is easy to pay their bills through it.

So, for hotels, having an online payment gateway is one of the best things to provide a better customer experience.

In addition, an online payment gateway doesn't require any currency exchange as it automatically accepts major currencies.

Therefore, if you want the best payment gateway in Malaysia for hotels, you must go with Mobi.

Let's see something about Mobi in the coming section.

Mobi: The Best Payment Gateway in Malaysia for Hotels.

Mobi is the best way to accept payment in hotels in Malaysia as it offers several features, including:

  • Lowest Transaction Cost: 

It is also known as the lowest fee payment gateway in Malaysia as it offers the lowest transaction cost of 1.6% MDR.

In addition, it doesn't have any hidden costs such as annual fees, setup charges, etc.

Certainly, Mobi believes in helping businesses make more profit.

  • Free and Fast API Integration:

It offers free and fast API integration on your payment system, and for that, it provides you with free professional developers.

  • Fastest Onboarding: 

Mobi understands the value of your time and believes that time is money.

That saying, it offers the fastest onboarding. This signifies that Mobi takes no time, paper, or hassle to start.

For that, Mobi is known as the easiest payment gateway to set up for Malaysia its users.

  • Best Customer Service:

Mobi offers personalized and 24*7 customer service by professionals.

The professionals are always ready to solve your problem in a trice of time.

  • Advanced Security:

The major concern for hotels and customers is security, i.e., they want their money and information secured.

Mobi offers multi-layer security with end-to-end encryption, making it the most secure payment gateway.

  • Accepts Major Payment Options:

Having or maintaining several systems to accept different payment methods can be hard.

Keeping that in mind, Mobi accepts major payment options such as eWallet, all bank cards, FPX payment system, and more.

Thus, these are some top features of Mobi, the best payment gateway for hotels.

Hope you must understand the ways to accept payment in hotels in Malaysia.


Visitors use various ways to make payments in hotels in Malaysia to settle their bills.

And during the transaction, they don't want any hassle or inconvenience.

Therefore, having a payment system that accepts major payment options is essential to provide the best customer experience.

However, having many payment systems is not possible for any hotels in Malaysia.

So, to help you with that, Mobi introduces itself as the best payment gateway in Malaysia that accepts major payment methods in Malaysia.

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