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Businesses that can use EZYAUTH



Entertainment Centres

Benefits of using EZYAUTH

Time is money and EZYAUTH saves you quite a lot of it. On top of that it is also convenient for your customer.
Realtime Web Monitoring
You get analytics in real time, so your business decisions are always on point. Tracking your sales has never been this easy.
Cost Effective
We know businesses are difficult, you do not have to dig into your savings to get a payment solution
EZYAUTH meets the international standards of security. Your business stays in safe hands with Mobi.
Next Day Settlement
No need to wait for your hard-earned money, we credit cash in your bank the next day
Web Based
No hardware needed, just login to your portal and charge your customer without any hassle

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If you are spending too much time on settling your bills and dues manually, its time to get EZYAUTH. Get automated bill payments from your customer bank account on time and also save money from spending on process and recording payments. also, keep track of sales and business performance with ease.
Change the way you do business with EZYAUTH. Your business will see huge savings with automatic payments at lowest transaction fee and you will notice the difference when the money starts to roll in! Start your journey today by going to or calling one of our trusted representatives right now.

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