Benefits of EZYLINK

WhatsApp Enabled

Send checkout page via whatsapp for a simple-to-use payment experience

International Payments

Sell to your customers anywhere in the world, we take care of your payments

Cost Effective

No minimum transaction amount. No monthly subscription charges

Quick onboarding

You can start accepting payments in no time. Fastest in the market.

Next Day Settlement

No need to wait for your hard-earned money, we can credit cash in your bank the next day

FPX Enabled

Your customers can now pay with card or through online banking conveniently

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Mobi has you covered.

EZYLINK is the fastest, safest, and easiest way to accept online payments without needing a website. Try it out for yourself and be amazed!

We Accept all the Major Payment Methods

Mobi allows transactions through all major payment channels!

Pricing that suits all Business Sizes

SETTLEMENT TIME: T+3 or earlier

RM 1930


1.6% MDR
(for both credit & debit card)
Setup RM 400
RM 4490
Annual Fee RM 2560
FPX - 1.3% (or) RM 1.30 *
Boost - 1.3%       
Grab Pay - 1.3%

RM 800


1.9% MDR
(for both credit & debit card)
Setup 400
RM 2360
Annual Fee RM 1560
FPX - 1.3% (or) RM 1.30 *
Boost - 1.3%
Grab Pay - 1.3%

*   (whichever is higher)


What payment channels does it support?

Your customers can pay through Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, FPX (online banking) and e-wallets like Boost.

How long is the settlement time?

You can choose from 2 options, either get the money the next day (T+1) or 5 days after transaction (T+5).

Is there a minimum monthly transaction to be done?

No, there is no minimum transaction requirement.

Can I charge my customers outside Malaysia?

Yes, you can collect payments from anywhere in the world. The amount will be billed in Ringgits.

Do my customers have to download any app?


Can I integrate this on my website/ other systems?

Yes, we have APIs and customizations available, contact us for more info.
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