SMS & WhatsApp Link Payment Service Provider in Malaysia | EZYLINK

Just Three Simple Steps!

Sellers push a link and Mobi sends it via WhatsApp, SMS or email their customer
Customer opens the link on a webpage, keys in their card details
Customers receives the OTP from their bank and keys in OTP to authorize the payment.

Businesses that can use EZYLINK

Social Commerce

Food & Beverage

Last Mile Delivery

Benefits of using EZYLINK

WhatsApp Integration
Integration with WhatsApp literally makes sending links and receiving payments a child's play
Sell Anywhere
Never worry about cross border payments. Sell wherever you can and we take care of your payments.
Cost Effective
We know businesses are difficult, you do not have to dig into your savings to get a payment solution
Same Day Onboarding
Merchant can start accepting payments the day they apply. Fastest there is the market!
Next Day Settlement
No need to wait for your hard-earned money, we credit cash in your bank the next day
Minimum Documentation
Merchants can use a business or personal account with a Business Registration

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Our application is the best gateway to source for payments, as long as you have an SMS service provider or WhatsApp application. Now, you can receive payment from anywhere in the world with a single click. Bill your global customers via SMS and WhatsApp billing system and get instant payment.
Choose mobi and the EZYLINK app to conduct business wherever you are, whether it's vacation or in a meeting. Your business will be satisfied with the cost savings and efficiency that our application has to offer. Get in touch with our trusted representatives or fill out forms in our website to get started right away!


What is Link payment?

Link payment is an easy way of doing transaction for any purchases of goods, services or products via text messages on a mobile phone. It is convenient as the transfer of payment can be done with only a single tap on the phone by sending a text message.

What is monthly recurring fee?

It takes a simple three-step process: i) Once the purchase has been decided, the business will send a link to customer through message or email for payment, ii) The customer will key in all the payment details, iii) The amount is transferred to the business's bank account.

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