Woocommerce Card Transaction Documentation

Welcome to the mobi! Get familiar with our products, features and integrations!This PHP Documentation helps to make your payment made easier.

Getting Started

  • Download zip file (Mobiversa Woocommerce payment gateway 2.0)
  • Go to “Plugin” in your WordPress dashboard

    Start by going to your admin panel – https://your-domain.com/ wp-admin/ and click on “Plugins” in the sidebar menu

  • Click on “Add New”

    You can find the “Add New” button near the top of the page

  • Click on “Upload Plugin”
  • Upload the Plugin (downloaded in step 1 ) and proceed to install
  • Activate the installed plugin
  • Paste the gomobi_thankyou.php at your theme folder (wp-content->themes->yourtheme)
  • Create a new page Thankyou and select mobiversa thankyou template.
  • Choose WooCommerce setting and enable the Gomobi payment plugin

    (WooCommerce || Settings || Payments )

  • Fill the respective credential provided (refer table 1.1)
Table 1.1
Payment Mode Sandbox Live
Merchant Login ID Mobiversa Will be provided
Mobi API KEY Key b07ad9f31df158edb188a41f725899bc Will be provided
Gateway API URL https://ecom.gomobi.io/UMEzywa y/SplitEzywayPaymentRequest https://um.gomobi.io/UMEzyway/ SplitEzywayPaymentRequest
Callback URL Call back URL created in Step 8
  • Continue to check the payment transactions for testing use the test card details (refer Table 1.2)
Table 1.2
Card Number CCV Exp Date SMS/OTP
6250947000000014 123 12/33 111111
6250947000000014 123 12/33 secone1
On this page
  • Download Plugin
  • Go to wp plugin page
  • Click to add new plugin
  • Click to upload plugin
  • Upload our downloaded plugin
  • Activat installed plugin
  • Create callback file your theme folder
  • Create thankyou page
  • Enable plugin woocommerce payment section
  • Paste credential plugin payment settings
  • Continue your transactions