At Mobi, we understand the importance of protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy.

We are committed to being transparent about our data practices and providing you with clear and comprehensive information about how we collect, use, and protect your information.

We will always keep your personal data safe and private, never sell your personal data and allow you to review your marketing choices at any time.

How and type of data we collect?

To enable us to deal with your inquiries, open and operate an account/facility in order to provide you with our products and services, we may be required to process your personal and/or financial information.

When we say, “personal data”, we mean information which we use to personally identify you and know about you.

Here is the type of personal information we may collect but not limited to:

Type of Information Details
Information you give us
This may include:
  • you name, address, date of birth
  • your email address, phone number, details of your device you use
  • your username, Mobi account ID
  • your business /company involved
  • your financial position or bank account details
  • copy of your identification documents (identity card, passports etc)
  • your tax residency and related information
  • information you provide when you apply for our product or services
  • records of our conversation if you contact us or we contact you.
  • image or photograph or video form where required as part of our KYC checks or verify you identity
  • information about other person (such as your partner, director, shareholder) when we ask you to give us such information to enable us to comply our obligation under KYC, anti money laundering laws or to assist with fraud monitoring.
  • Information collected from your use of our products and services
    Information we collected on when you use our products and services
  • technical information, including internet protocol (IP) address used to connect to the internet, your login information, the browser type, and version, time zone settings, operating system, platform, type of device, device IMEI number, MAC address of the device wireless network interface, mobile phone number mobile network information.
  • information about your visit, including links you clicked or through our website or mobile app, service or page you interacted, clicked, length of your visit, method you leave the page
  • only if you give us permission, information stored on your device includes your contact list or device nearby, your location if you turn on location service and give us permission to track your location using GPS technology
  • Information from others We collection personal data from third parties such as credit report agencies, financial and credit institutions, official registers and databases fraud prevention agencies and partners who help us to provide our service to you.
    Information from social media and publicly available sources we conduct general searches on you for and to comply with our anti-money laundering or sanctions screening obligations. We will use publicly available information about you from selected social media websites or apps to carry out enhanced due diligence checks.

    Purpose and processing your personal data

    We may process personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to process your application to become a user of our products and services
  • to verify you identity and to assess your creditworthiness by conducting appropriate checks
  • provide you access to our products and services to you and the
  • to protect and defend our contracts and interest or property and keep our services up and running (for example website, data centers)
  • to manage fraud and risk related to your Mobi account
  • to improve our products and services
  • to improve social interaction or customer support
  • to providing location-based services
  • to providing marketing information related to the products and services we provide to you.
  • to prepare anonymous statistical dataset (forecasting, understand user behaviour, governmental requirements
  • to meet our legal obligations, enforcing our rights and other legal compliance and uses
  • How do we use your personal data for marketing?

    Upon using our products and services, you will be receiving marketing communications about products and services based on your preferences and interests from us and our selected merchants and strategic partners which includes promotions, marketing materials and information on future events.

    If you do not intend to receive or continue receiving these personalized marketing communications or should you change your mind in relation to your previous decision, you may opt-out of such marketing communications by contacting us via the contact details provided below.

    Please note that if you opt out, we will stop sending you marketing communications, but we will continue sending you generic communications that relate to the service we provide to you.

    We won’t pass your personal information to any other organisation outside of Mobi for their marketing purposes without your permission.

    What are your data protection rights?

    Subject always to our contractual rights and obligations under relevant laws and regulations, you may exercise your rights in respect of the use or the extent of use of your personal information

    Your right Details
    Right to be told how we use your personal information
  • We provide this privacy notice to explain how we collect and use your personal data
  • if requested we could provide a copy of the personal data we hold about you.
  • We can’t provide you any about other people, linked with an ongoing criminal or fraud investigation.
  • We also won’t provide any information or communication related to our legal, regulatory, or governmental obligations.
  • Correct inaccurate personal information if you think its wrong
  • You can have incomplete or inaccurate personal information corrected. Before we could update your file/account, we will check the accuracy of the new personal data you
  • Request to delete or remove your personal information You can request us to delete or remove your personal information if
  • There is no good reason for us to continue using it.
  • You withdraw the consent (permission) or objected us to use your personal information
  • The law requires us to delete your personal information
  • Note: For security reasons, we can’t proceed to deal you’re your request if we couldn’t sure of your identity a, we may need to ask you to provide us for proof of ID. As a regulated financial service provider, we must keep a certain personal information of our user/customer. Even if you choose to close your account or terminate your contract/agreement with us, we may be unable to delete your entire personal information because regulatory obligations take priority.

    How do we protect your personal information?

    We will implement all appropriate measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information. We use a variety of physical and technical measures to

  • keep your personal information safe and secure
  • prevent unauthorised access to your personal information
  • make sure your personal information is not improperly used or disclosed.
  • Our electronic data and databases are stored on secure computer systems with control over access to information using both physical and electronic means. Our staff receives data protection and information security training. We have detailed security and data protection policies which staff are required to follow when they handle your personal information.

    While we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data will be kept secure from unauthorised access, we cannot guarantee it will be secure during transmission by you to our app, a website or other services. We use HTTPS (HTTP Secure), where the communication protocol is encrypted through Transport Layer Security for secure communication over networks, our Mobi App and website and payment processing services.

    We strongly recommend you use strong password for Mobi App or our website. You need to keep this password confidential. Please do not share it with anyone.

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small pieces of information saved by your browser. Cookies are used to record various aspects of your visit and assist us to provide you with uninterrupted service. Cookies may be set in your browser by us when you access the Website or may be set in when you visit Third Party websites.

    This anonymous information is maintained distinctly and is not linked to the personal information that you provide to us. To make our website effective and improve it, certain information may be collected each time you access our website. Such information may be saved in server logs in an encrypted form which may not identify you personally.

    How to manage your cookie?

    We use cookies collected to:

  • authenticate your login information
  • enable our security features
  • show you advertising
  • improve and develop the features of the Website.
  • You may change your internet browser setting as you wish. However, please take note that changing your internet browser settings may affect your browsing experience on our website.

    Changes to our privacy policy

    From time to time, we may amend this privacy notice or change the way we use your personal data, if appropriate, we will let you know by email, through Mobi app or through our website.

    How to contact us

    To contact us, kindly refer to